About HawkEye™

The HawkEye™ Governance and Risk Control Assurance System

HawkEye™ has been developed to provide auditors and audit program executives with a software tool that is compatible with Microsoft platforms, which steer an assurance activity through the complementary embedded requirements of ISO 19011 (Guidelines for auditing management systems), ISO 9001 (Quality management systems) and ISO 31000 (Risk management).

An assurance activity can be any of the following:

● an audit
● an inspection
● an examination
● an assessment
● an appraisal
● a review
● an investigation
● any other process like the assurance of: contract deliverables, project or program milestones, important internal policy etc, where assurance of the effectiveness of the process or performance is required


HawkEye™ is designed to help you undertake five core activities which you would be expected to complete or initiate before beginning an audit or an assurance activity. These are:

● Describe the objective, scope and methodology of the audit or assurance activity
● Define specific questions to ask when conducting the audit, in addition to those already in the Process Definition Workbook (PDW)
● Decide which criteria (or outcomes or risk controls depending on the activity) are in and out of scope
● Enter the relevant Personnel of the organisation being audited for ease of task allocation and report production
● Maintain a digital audit log

Conducting Assurance Activity

HawkEye™ is designed to help you conduct assurance activities, such as carrying out audits and inspections. It lets you create, update and conduct any assurance activity you choose and enables you to record and safely store any or all of the following important information:

● Objectives, scope and specific questions for your assurance
● Responses to questions
● Observations
● Findings
● Compliance / conformance scores or ratings
● Supporting digital evidence (e.g., documents, photographs, interviews, emails, videos, recordings etc)
● Strengths and areas for improvement
● Problems – Risk events
● Risks – Potential consequences in relevant domains – personnel, finance, reputation, security, equipment, operations etc
● Solutions (i.e., corrective or preventive actions) by priority or urgency


HawkEye™ provides the ability to record close-out, export all supporting evidence (if required) as well as the printing of customised reports like entry briefs, daily briefs, exit briefs, draft and final reports, action plans by: individual, priority or date required. HawkEye™ produces assurance activity reports with a single click. Different Report templates are available and reports may be generated at any time.

Close and Lock Down Audit

HawkEye™ provides the ability to enforce the closing and lock down of the audit database so further changes cannot be made without a record of explanation and a record of who and when aspects of the original assurance activity were changed. Evidence of the acceptance of the audit is stored as part of the lock down process.

Once audit data and its supporting evidence is locked down, it is still accessible by our Dashboard which is designed to give Directors, Executives and Managers a clear view of their respective assurance activities. They therefore get a pro-active overview of performance by work groups where all data is comparable.

Process Definition Workbooks

Process Definition Workbooks (PDW) provide the details of the assurance / risk control monitoring activity to be undertaken. They are the basis for the repeatable process around which programs of assurance are based.

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