About x14 Systems

x14 Systems was formed in 2018 as a spin-off of our previous company, RaptorSSC which has been in business since 2008. From its inception RaptorSSC has delivered risk management and governance assurance services to its clients through Systems Solutions and Consulting services.


x14 Systems vision is to become an international thought leader in pro-active risk management and assurance, with an international presence, offering its products and services to a global market. We want business and community groups to be able to define, monitor, review and improve the things that matter to them.


Leadership Group

Far sighted strategies,
Compliant management outputs
Fair dealings with managers and staff
Intelligence based strategic guidance / decisions
Responsible for all actions and decisions
Pro-active risk and opportunity management to create and exploit advantage
Accountable for exercising care and diligence in all business decisions


Client value creation
Respect for individuals
Integrity throughout
Diversity achieved
Innovation the norm
Quality processes and products
Nimble, intelligence-based operational decisions and strategic recommendations
Customer service always – ‘Feedback is Gold’ strategy
Celebrate successes at all levels – reward behaviours that enhance our values
Positive environmental footprint


x14 Systems purpose is to assist organisations demonstrate effective due diligence, improve business intelligence and business outcomes through the effective use of pro-active risk management and system assurance tools and concepts.

Our purpose enabler is the use of our customised processes and tools. These provide trusted, accessible and secure data from which timely analysis and trends can be identified and acted upon.


X 14 Systems continues to develop and refine its suite of governance, risk management and compliance assurance products to assist clients produce better governance, risk management and or compliance assurance results for their companies or organisations.

Our people

Through our consulting arm, we develop relationships with selected, trusted individuals or organisations who have exceptional skills and who demonstrate compliance with our business values and ethics.

When a request for consulting services is received, we identify the best, most suitable consultants and staff available and we develop our services and support proposal around their skill sets.
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