Within 12 months we will set up Community pages where you can share Process Definition Workbooks (PDW) which form the basis for all our audits an assurance activities.

Our intention is to allow our clients to place here, and to be freely available to other users, PDW that contribute the community good. We hope that this facility will keep us very busy in verifying and authorising PDW for wide community use.

As a start point, we have two PDW that are completed for use by: equestrian community groups; and any organisation that is committed to emergency preparedness and response.

Equestrian sporting activity

We have produced a risk register and site safety inspection report sub-set for the International Mounted Games Association and we are happy to share this with anyone who has an interest in safety in equine sports.

Emergency planning

Planning for emergencies in facilities – We mapped the AS / NZS 3745 (2010) in anticipation of a request for tender. We formed the view however, that everyone should be prepared for emergencies and so we give this away freely in the hope that it is a useful start point for safety wherever you are.

Feedback and suggestions

Feedback and suggestion Tab – Please note that all suggestions and feedback will be viewed only by x14 Systems staff. If the suggestion warrants inclusion in an existing PDW such amendments will be made and attributed to the original author.

If a new PDW is offered for its community benefits, we will conduct security and due diligence checks and if deemed worthy of inclusion we will post it onto our site with attribution and thanks. The author will be required to acknowledge the Free-ware nature of this page and no IP protections are possible when suggestions and feedback lead to the improvement or additions of freely available Community focussed PDW.

We will provide feedback to all serious contributions.
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