Governance, Risk & Compliance Performance
Assurance System GRC PAS

Cloud-based audit / assurance tool

The GRC PAT is at least 30% more efficient in auditing and reviewing critical assurance processes than Excel Spreadsheet driven audits. The GRC PAT can be used for one-off audits / assurance activities, or a series of repeatable process and outcome assurance reviews. Its Dashboard performance overview and comparison charts provide a degree of situational awareness that allows audit program managers to identify at-a-glance areas of good performance and areas that may need improvement.

Multiple auditors can concurrently input into live audits and all audit related data is retained by the organisation subscribing to the GRC PAT.

Our GRC PAT automates and removes the time and effort of developing reports which can be tailored and generated quickly with imbedded supporting charts and evidence providing you with business intelligence to allow you to exploit opportunities and mitigate risks before they are realised.

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Why choose us?

Our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, so what is in your long-term interest is in our interest as well.
We have experience managing governance assurance program for an organisation with over 50,000 employees.

We have experienced the frustration of systems that slow down audits and inspections and deliver information, not trusted data. We have seen business decision making processes stagnate for want of actionable statistics. This frustration led to the spark that became our Governance, Risk and Compliance Performance Assurance System.

Exploiting opportunities

x14 Systems GRC Performance Assurance System and support services, complement a company's risk management principles and framework by providing critical risk control lead indicators to confirm system effectiveness and to identify system improvement opportunities.

Our system does not do the work for you. The old adage applies – Rubbish in – Rubbish out. However, in the hands of people who apply the auditing mantra of Tell me, Show me, Prove it and who demonstrate:
Integrity – and perform their work in an impartial manner;

Fair presentation – to report truthfully and accurately;

Due professional care – to apply diligence and judgement;

Discretion – to keep confidential information confidential;

Independence – to act in a manner free from bias and conflicts of interests; and

An evidence-based approach – to support deductions of pro-active risk control assurance

Our software provides a very clear picture of business practices, its strengths and areas for potential improvement.

Good stuff in – Great stuff out!

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