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30 day free trial

If you are interested in a free 30 day trial of our system, click on this 30 Day Free Trial link to enter your contact details and provide a brief description of your industry and the typical Governance, Risk and Compliance audit / assurance activities you are interested in.

We will then contact you with a 30 day trial login and password with instructions as to how to logon and get access to the user manual and explanatory notes throughout the tool.

Contact details

If you require IT assistance, please contact us at

If you require process / training related assistance, please contact us at

Note that one on one or group training can be arranged for a fee for individuals or groups either face to face or via a webinar.

Subscription model and pricing

It is not possible to enter all the pricing possibilities for all types of organisations. However, the information below is a guide to the services and subscriptions we offer.

Number of subscriptions and PDW

In essence pricing will be derived from an analysis of your organisations size, structure the number of users anticipated using or viewing the system, as well as the number and type of Process Definition Workbooks we provide for your assurance regimes.


Also, we offer inhouse training that has a standard rate but will require and understanding of variable costs for the delivery of that training. Dashboard training for managers, executives and board members.


We also provide services from: auditor training, provision of independent lead auditors to guide and mentor internal auditors, and external audit teams tailored for your industry.

Identification and monitoring of critical risks and their underpinning critical assumptions

We can also assist with the development and tailoring of your risk management system including a cascading strategic risk register that identifies your strategic risks and articulates and recognises your risk appetite for each strategic risk.

These risks are then contextualised in terms of domains of consequence or benefit to be mitigated or materialise respectively with tolerance thresholds confirmed to generate critical, workable risk controls that can be monitored, reviewed, measured and reported against their anticipated effectiveness.

The review and analysis function use the GRC PAT and the Dashboard system as another way of pro-actively monitoring the effectiveness of your risk management system as it relates to the management of critical risk minimisation and critical benefit realisation.

Again, the pricing for this service will depend on many variables but our Values dictate that we offer excellent value for money in all our dealings with our clients.

GRC PAT subscription

Our subscription model starts at two users, and has additional increments as follows: 3-5 users, 6-10 users, 11- 20 users, 21-50 users, 51- 80 users and 81 – 150 users. In all cases a subscription for the GRC PAT is less than $100 dollars a year per user with a decreasing per user $ scale as the number of users increases.

PDW subscription

Process Definition Workbooks (PDW) underpin the type and content of your assurance activities. These can be made yourself using the instruction in the user manual Chapter 7 or alternatively, you could also subscribe to our PDW service where we provide generic or specifically tailored PDW at a competitive subscription that reflects in part the work involved in building and maintaining their accuracy and authority as assurance tools.

Payment options

Sales discussion

Anticipate conducting a discussion as to your specific requirements with our sales staff. When the level of support, any training and subscriptions are agreed we will raise an invoice and send it electronically. Your subscription will be activated once we received confirmation of the invoice being paid.

Annual or monthly payment models

Subscription to the GRC PAT and X 14 Systems generated Process Definition Workbooks may be purchased using, either an annual subscription or a monthly subscription fee – whichever is the more desirable for our clients.

IT support

The subscription to access the GRC PAT includes a degree of free IT support. Depending on the number and type of subscription, clients will have IT support in the bank as a credit. The credit lasts for a year from the date of the subscription and can be used by emailing our IT point of contact and requesting support – note that we offer same day support if the request is received on a working day before midday AEST. Same day support cannot be guaranteed if the request is received after midday, but we will do our best.

If more than the subscription offered IT credit is needed, or is desired as an insurance buffer, an extra credit can be purchased.

Any support in excess of the credit offered at the time of subscription will be billed in 15-minute increments on a pro rata base of $100 per hour.


At all times we welcome feedback as a mechanism for improving our products and services to you. Feedback to us can be sent via
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